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SDG inclined Training & Development for Students, Staff & Faculty Members2024-04-07T11:31:51+00:00
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SDG inclined Training & Development for Students, Staff & Faculty Members

Diversity, Equity, Accessibility & Inclusion Related Trainings

Gender Awareness2024-04-07T10:30:50+00:00

At Iqra University, our unwavering commitment to women’s empowerment extends to both faculty and students. Through various initiatives and training sessions, we focus on fostering an inclusive environment that champions the success of all. Collaborating with esteemed partners like the Soorty Foundation, we delve into the challenges faced by working women, striving to create conducive workplaces. Our recent ‘SheSpeaks’ event, in celebration of International Women’s Day, showcased accomplished women from diverse fields, inspiring both faculty and students alike.

Additionally, events like ‘Blaze,’ conducted in collaboration with Women Techmakers Kolachi, highlight the remarkable achievements of women in the tech industry, encouraging them to break barriers. Our Women Empowerment Summit serves as a platform for meaningful conversations around strength, resilience, and the limitless potential of women.

At Iqra University, we understand that empowerment is a journey that involves everyone. From faculty members shaping the academic landscape to students preparing for their future careers, our training sessions cater to all. Join us in our mission to empower, inspire, and uplift women across all levels of our institution. Together, let’s carve out a brighter future where every woman’s voice is heard and celebrated.


Empowering Inclusivity: Iqra University’s Initiatives for Persons with Disabilities2024-04-07T11:08:15+00:00

At Iqra University, we’re dedicated to fostering inclusivity and empowerment for all members of our academic community, including those with disabilities. Through a series of impactful training sessions and workshops, we aim to break barriers, raise awareness, and create a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.

One such initiative was our observance of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, held in collaboration with esteemed partners like the Soorty Foundation, the Inclusive Artists’ Marketplace, LRBT, and Bacha Party. The event featured a panel discussion on workplace inclusivity and emphasized the importance of collaboration in creating a more inclusive future. Iqra university organized a Mental Health Awareness session, recognizing the importance of supporting individuals who learn differently. This session aimed to break the stigma surrounding mental health and promote understanding and acceptance within our community. Furthermore, our collaboration with organizations like BINAE Welfare Association highlighted our commitment to disability advocacy. Through sessions led by esteemed figures like Mr. Salman Ellahi, students gained valuable insights into the challenges faced by people with disabilities and learned about entrepreneurship as a means of empowerment.

At Iqra University, we believe in embracing diversity and empowering individuals of all abilities. Through these training sessions and collaborations, we’re working towards creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone. Join us in our mission to break barriers and empower individuals to reach their full potential.


Seminar on Gender Harassment2024-04-07T10:54:28+00:00

Iqra University recently organized an enlightening seminar focused on addressing the issue of Gender Harassment. The main objective behind this seminar was to cultivate awareness among both the university’s staff and students, encouraging them to be vigilant and proactive in safeguarding themselves and others within their workplace and academic environment. To bring attention to the realities of gender harassment, the students took the initiative to prepare and perform role plays during the seminar.

The event was interactive, allowing participants to actively engage by asking questions and sharing their perspectives on the safety and security of students and staff within educational institutions. This created a platform for open discussions and a better understanding of the challenges faced by individuals in such settings. By shedding light on the importance of awareness and collective responsibility, the seminar aimed to foster a safer and more respectful environment at Iqra University, where everyone can feel protected and supported.


Seminar on Gender Equality2024-04-07T11:14:38+00:00

Iqra University organized a remarkable seminar in celebration of International Women’s Day, featuring a distinguished guest speaker, Dr. Farah Essa Zaidi, who holds the esteemed positions of CEO at Dr. Farah Essa Academy and DIRECTOR at Dr. Essa Laboratory and Diagnostic Centre. During this event, Dr. Zaidi passionately emphasized the significance of women’s empowerment and gender equality, encouraging the students to challenge any preconceived biases.

The seminar proved to be a captivating and thought-provoking experience, as Dr. Zaidi shared her insights, experiences, and expertise on the subject matter. She undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the audience, inspiring them to recognize the importance of providing equal opportunities and support for women in all spheres of life, be it academia, careers, or society as a whole. One of the key highlights of the seminar was Dr. Zaidi’s ability to dismantle stereotypes and misconceptions related to gender, fostering a more inclusive and respectful environment. By addressing the issue of biasness, she helped the students gain a deeper understanding of the challenges women face and the importance of eliminating discrimination based on gender.


Awareness Session Anti Gender Harassment2024-04-07T11:37:04+00:00

Iqra University organized an awareness seminar on Anti Gender Harassment. The honorable speakers of the seminar included Ms. Ambreen Thompson, CEO SINA Healthcare Trust, Rida Lodhi -Country Manager-ARY, Saima Zafar -Director Telenor Microfinance Bank, Rimsha Khalid -Manager IMCM & Digital Activation, Zahra Mubeen -HR lead- The Collective, and Hafsa Asad -Mountain Girl.

The speakers at the event highlighted the crucial importance of ensuring safety and security for women in both workspaces and university environments. They brought attention to some harrowing incidents that women have faced at their workplaces, underscoring the need to address this serious issue. Even the slightest neglect or lack of appropriate measures can lead to devastating consequences. Therefore, it is imperative to establish comprehensive policies and provisions that enable women to feel protected and secure in their workplaces. During the event, the speakers likely delved into the various challenges and risks that women employees encounter in their professional lives. These may include instances of harassment, discrimination, or even more severe forms of mistreatment. By sharing real-life examples, the speakers aimed to raise awareness about the urgent need for creating safer spaces for women to thrive in their careers.

To foster a supportive work environment, the speakers likely discussed the significance of implementing well-defined policies and procedures. These policies may encompass guidelines for reporting incidents, anonymous channels for complaints, and a zero-tolerance approach towards any form of harassment or discrimination. Such measures are vital for providing women with the confidence that their concerns will be taken seriously and addressed promptly. Moreover, the seminar likely emphasized the role of universities in contributing to a culture of safety and security. Campuses should prioritize the safety of female students and staff by establishing clear protocols for handling any untoward incidents and providing resources for support and counseling. By shedding light on these issues and advocating for proactive measures, the speakers and the event aimed to foster a workplace and university environment where women feel valued, respected, and protected. This concerted effort can bring about positive changes, ensuring that every individual, regardless of gender, can pursue their ambitions without fear or hindrance.


Ethical, Healthy & Safe Organizational Culture Related Trainings

Seminar on Research Ethics2024-04-07T11:39:54+00:00

Iqra University hosted a valuable seminar centered around the theme of Research Ethics. The distinguished guest speaker for the occasion was Prof. Dr. Shams Hamid, (Dean, Faculty of Art, Fashion, Education, and Social Studies), emphasized the critical significance of upholding research ethics in all types of research endeavors. The seminar served as an essential platform to shed light on the ethical principles that should guide researchers throughout their studies. Dr. Hamid’s insights and expertise resonated with the audience, as he underscored the responsibility that every researcher carries to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the knowledge they contribute through their research.

By strictly adhering to research ethics, researchers can maintain the integrity of their work and the credibility of their findings. Ethical guidelines help protect the rights and well-being of research participants, ensuring that their informed consent is obtained, and any potential risks are minimized or addressed appropriately. Furthermore, the seminar likely delved into topics such as plagiarism, data falsification, and the importance of transparency in reporting research findings. Understanding and abiding by such ethical principles are essential for building trust within the academic and scientific communities. Through this enlightening seminar, Iqra University demonstrated its commitment to promoting a research culture that values ethical conduct and responsible practices. By empowering researchers with knowledge and awareness of research ethics, the university aims to foster a research community that contributes positively to the advancement of knowledge and societal well-being.


Bio Safety2024-04-07T11:47:16+00:00

Iqra University recently hosted a Bio-Safety seminar at its Chak Shahzad Campus, aimed at enhancing safety awareness among students and staff. The seminar focused on the importance of responsible handling of biological materials and emphasized the implementation of Bio-Safety measures across medical platforms.

Attendees gained valuable insights into Bio-Safety methods and potential hazards in different medical fields and also highlighted the significance of medical ethics, stressing the importance of patient confidentiality. The event ended with motivational remarks, encouraging students to practice fairness and kindness in their endeavors. This event exemplifies Iqra University’s commitment to promoting safety, knowledge, and ethical conduct within its community.


Clean and Green Pakistan Tree Plantation Drive 20232024-04-07T11:52:22+00:00

Iqra University recently conducted a Tree Plantation Drive, aligning with its mission to cultivate environmental awareness and action among students and staff. The objectives were clear: to promote eco-friendly practices, instill a sense of responsibility towards the environment, and address the challenges posed by climate change. Participants actively engaged in planting trees, symbolizing their commitment to fostering a greener future. The event garnered enthusiastic participation, with both students and staff coming together to contribute to sustainability efforts. Through initiatives like the Tree Plantation Drive, Iqra University aims to nurture environmental stewardship within its community, emphasizing the importance of collective action in addressing pressing environmental issues. By aligning actions with these objectives, the university demonstrates its dedication to creating a more sustainable and resilient future.


Wellbeing Activities2024-04-07T11:53:43+00:00

In prioritizing mental well-being, the university has launched a series of transformative initiatives aimed at fostering resilience, self-awareness, and collective support. Through meticulously planned activities and training sessions, participants engage in a diverse range of experiences tailored to equip them with practical tools for navigating university life.

Activities include 16 Progressive Muscle Relaxation Therapy sessions, Psychological Testing, Confidence Building Sessions, Team Building Activities, Women’s Safety Awareness, and Psychological Wellness sessions. These initiatives are guided by dedicated facilitators to empower individuals and cultivate a nurturing campus environment. Additionally, Wellbeing Events provide comprehensive platforms for exploring various facets of mental wellness through workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions. These events encourage participants to prioritize self-care and emotional health.

By investing in these comprehensive mental wellness initiatives, the university reaffirms its commitment to fostering a community where every member has the opportunity to thrive. This collective effort cultivates a brighter future grounded in compassion, understanding, and resilience.


Reviving Sunnah | Emphasizing the importance of Honesty, Fairness, and Equal Treatment2024-04-07T12:03:38+00:00

At the Department of Pharmacy, Iqra University, Islamabad Campus, a profound session titled “Reviving Sunnah” recently took center stage, orchestrated by Dr. Sohaib Zafar Malik. Dr. Malik’s discourse highlighted the vital link between implementing Sunnah and professional development. This enlightening discussion resonated deeply with both faculty and students, emphasizing the importance of ethical values such as honesty, respect, fairness, and equal treatment. The event transcended mere lectures, fostering interactive dialogue between attendees. Through a spirited question and answer session, participants had the opportunity to explore practical applications of Sunnah in their daily lives, enriching their understanding of ethical conduct. 

In essence, the “Reviving Sunnah” session served as a powerful reminder of the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). By embracing these ethical values, faculty and students alike are equipped to navigate the complexities of contemporary challenges while upholding integrity, compassion, and fairness. As we reflect on this event, let us remain committed to integrating Sunnah into our professional and personal lives, striving to embody its principles in all our endeavors. Through collective efforts, may we cultivate a culture of ethical conduct, ensuring that the spirit of the Sunnah remains vibrant within our academic community and beyond.


Human Rights and International Human Solidarity Day2024-04-07T12:03:26+00:00

Iqra University’s insightful session in honor of International Human Solidarity Day and Human Rights Day set out a path of awareness and solidarity. Our mission is clear: to ignite awareness and foster engagement within our academic community. Through dynamic discussions and insightful presentations, our aim is to deepen understanding and cultivate a culture of inclusivity and empathy. With a focus on contemporary human rights issues and global solidarity, participants gain valuable insights into the challenges facing our world today. Our objective is simple: to empower individuals to become advocates for human rights, both locally and globally. By shedding light on pressing issues and promoting dialogue, we aim to inspire collective action and positive change. Join us in our commitment to uphold the dignity and rights of all individuals, as we work together to build a more just and compassionate world.


Nutritional Awareness Camp2024-04-07T12:06:40+00:00

Iqra University’s Nutritional Awareness Camp, is a dynamic initiative, designed to cultivate healthier habits and promote well-being within the university community. This transformative event transcends traditional nutrition education, offering a multifaceted approach to holistic health. Delving into the intricacies of balanced nutrition, particularly during the holy month of Ramadan, the camp serves as a beacon of knowledge and empowerment.

This transformative event offers a multifaceted approach to holistic health, focusing on balanced nutrition during Ramadan and beyond. Through interactive workshops, informative presentations, and engaging discussions, participants gain practical tools and insights to make informed dietary choices. By fostering meaningful dialogue and collaboration, Iqra University is nurturing a culture of wellness and resilience, empowering individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. Through its Nutritional Awareness Camp, Iqra University is not only addressing immediate health concerns but also laying the foundation for lifelong well-being. By instilling a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of nutrition and overall health, the university is empowering its community to lead healthier, happier lives. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey towards a healthier future, one nutritious choice at a time.


Environment & Climate Change Related Trainings

Waste Wise Dialogue 1.02024-04-07T12:11:54+00:00

At Iqra University, environmental sustainability is a top priority for faculty, staff, and students. Through targeted training sessions and collaborations, we empower our community to address key environmental issues.

Initiatives like the Waste Wise Dialogue 1.0 explores innovative waste management solutions, focusing on converting plastic waste into usable materials and paper into compost. It encourages student-led initiatives and fosters a culture of sustainability. Collaborating with renowned institutions, these celebrations address pressing environmental issues like marine ecosystem restoration. They aim to raise awareness and inspire collective action among faculty and students. Collaborations with organizations like The TRE Cycle emphasize the university’s dedication to practical solutions. Initiatives include recycling programs and waste reduction campaigns, contributing to environmental preservation efforts. Eco-Friendly Practice sessions at university provide forums for dialogue and learning about sustainable living practices. Participants engage with experts, exploring ways to incorporate eco-conscious habits into their daily lives.

At Iqra University, each training session serves as a stepping stone towards a more sustainable future, empowering individuals to make a positive impact on the environment.


Environmental Awareness and Sustainability2024-04-07T12:18:25+00:00

Iqra University recently organized a special training session focusing on environmental awareness and sustainability. The aim was simple: to equip participants with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle environmental issues effectively. Through engaging discussions, informative videos, and hands-on activities like cleaning up local parks and planting trees, attendees gained valuable insights and practical experience. The session sparked a sense of responsibility and commitment to adopting eco-friendly practices in everyday life. Iqra University’s dedication to environmental stewardship shines through in initiatives like these, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.


Climate Change2024-04-07T12:25:51+00:00

IQRA University recently hosted an impactful training session with the objective of equipping students and faculty with essential knowledge and actionable insights to address one of the most critical challenges of our time. The training commenced with an in-depth exploration of the human-induced factors driving climate change, emphasizing the significant role of activities such as fossil fuel combustion and deforestation in greenhouse gas emissions. Through engaging activities like the climate change balloon exercise, participants gained a vivid understanding of how these gasses contribute to global warming. Additionally, a compelling climate change visualization video showcased the real-world impacts of rising temperatures on ecosystems, communities, and livelihoods, highlighting the urgency of the issue. The training underscored the importance of transitioning to renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, and implementing sustainable agricultural practices as crucial steps in mitigating climate change. Furthermore, participants were made aware of the significance of international cooperation, exemplified by agreements like the Paris Agreement, in coordinating global efforts to combat climate change. The session culminated with a call to action, urging students and faculty to become proactive agents of change in addressing climate change and building a more sustainable future. Through initiatives like this training, IQRA University continues to empower its community to make meaningful contributions towards environmental sustainability and resilience.


IMAGINE – Sustaining Climate Crisis2024-04-07T12:36:32+00:00

Iqra University recently hosted a visionary international hybrid conference titled “Imagine – Sustaining Climate Crisis” from December 2nd to December 4th, 2022. This groundbreaking event coincided with the UN World’s Futures Day and brought together a diverse array of stakeholders to address the urgent challenges posed by the climate crisis.

Over three dynamic days, the conference served as a pivotal platform for dialogue, innovation, and collaboration. Experts, policymakers, scholars, activists, and practitioners converged to share insights, exchange ideas, and co-create solutions aimed at mitigating and adapting to the impacts of climate change. At the core of the conference were its fundamental objectives: to foster a global exchange of knowledge, catalyze actionable strategies, and cultivate a collective commitment to sustainability. Through a diverse range of workshops, panel discussions, keynote presentations, and interactive sessions, participants explored themes such as sustainable development, renewable energy, biodiversity conservation, climate justice, and community resilience. A significant highlight of the conference was its emphasis on inclusivity and diversity. Recognizing the disproportionate burden of climate change on vulnerable populations, the event provided a platform for voices from the Global South, indigenous communities, youth activists, and marginalized groups to be heard and amplified. By centering their perspectives and experiences, the conference underscored the importance of equitable and inclusive approaches to climate action. Moreover, the conference showcased cutting-edge research, innovative technologies, and best practices from around the world. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from real-world case studies, explore emerging trends, and engage with leading experts at the forefront of climate science and policy.

The legacy of “Imagine – Sustaining Climate Crisis” extends far beyond its three-day duration. It serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, reminding us of the power of imagination, innovation, and collective action in confronting the greatest challenge of our time. Together, let us dare to imagine a future where sustainability is not just a goal, but a shared reality for all.


Global warming its Causes, Implications and Control2024-04-07T12:42:45+00:00

At the recent seminar held at Iqra University, attendees were enlightened on the critical subject of global warming by Dr. Zafar Iqbal Shams. In a comprehensive presentation, Dr. Shams elucidated the intricate mechanisms behind global warming, elucidating the nexus between human activities and environmental degradation.

Central to the discussion was the undeniable correlation between carbon emissions and the intensification of the greenhouse effect, precipitating a myriad of ecological challenges ranging from glacial retreat to erratic weather patterns. However, within the gravity of the situation, the seminar proffered a beacon of hope, presenting actionable strategies for mitigating the impacts of climate change. Dr. Shams emphasized the imperative for collective action, urging attendees to embrace renewable energy solutions and adopt sustainable land-use practices. The seminar served not only as a platform for knowledge dissemination but as a rallying cry for environmental stewardship. Indeed, the seminar galvanized a sense of communal responsibility, underscoring the transformative power of collective action in addressing global challenges. It underscored the notion that individual actions, no matter how small, can culminate in significant positive change. As attendees departed, they were imbued with a renewed sense of purpose and determination to champion environmental conservation efforts. 

The seminar at Iqra University stands as a testament to the institution’s commitment to fostering environmental awareness and catalyzing meaningful action. Moving forward, the insights gleaned from the seminar and embark on a collective journey towards a more sustainable and resilient future for future generations.


Sustainability Awareness and Perceptions in Pakistan2024-04-07T12:53:28+00:00

Embarking on a journey to nurture sustainability consciousness among students and teachers/ faculty, Iqra University recently orchestrated an enlightening session titled “Sustainability Awareness and Perceptions in Pakistan.” Guided by the expertise of Ms. Farheen Zahoor, Head of Strategy, CSR, and Sustainability at Artistic Garment Industries (AGI), the event unfolded as a beacon of insight into the realm of sustainable business practices and initiatives within Pakistan.


Ms. Farheen Zahoor’s expertise offered a unique perspective on the intersection of sustainability and industry practices in Pakistan. She highlighted the ongoing efforts within the country to promote sustainable development, emphasizing the crucial role of awareness and education in driving meaningful change. One of the session’s focal points was the discussion on sustainability

challenges prevalent in Pakistan and elaborated on the complexities of balancing economic growth with environmental preservation, shedding light on the importance of adopting sustainable practices to mitigate adverse impacts on society and ecosystems. Furthermore, she addressed the imperative of raising awareness among students and the general public regarding sustainability issues. She underscored the need for collaborative efforts to tackle climate change and its ramifications, emphasizing the role of education in empowering individuals to become agents of change. Importantly, Ms. Farheen’s insights extended to the effects of climate change specific to Pakistan, illustrating the urgency of addressing environmental concerns within the local context. Through compelling examples and data, she highlighted the interconnectedness of sustainability, economic development, and societal well-being.


By organizing events like this, Iqra University continues to share sustainability education and awareness, equipping students and teachers with the knowledge and tools to address pressing environmental challenges. Through collective action and informed decision-making, the university strives to cultivate a culture of sustainability that transcends borders and fosters a brighter, more resilient future for Pakistan and beyond.



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