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Goal 5
Gender Equality

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone.

Committed to the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goal, Iqra University is making its mark by embedding SDGs within our governance, teaching, community initiatives, research and partnerships. Following programmes and events are led by IU Faculty, Staff and Students in the area of Goal 5: Gender Equality.

First Generation Female Students
Women in Senior Leadership Roles
Female Athletes Empowered
Female Volunteers
Women Market Leaders Engaged in Mentorship Programmes

Creating Pathways to Success for Women at every level

With the emergence of Future of Work and New Normal brought upon by COVID-19, we know that the world has entered into new era of discrimination against women and hindrances towards gender parity. Considering this, Iqra University have take it upon as our mission to eliminate all kinds of discrimination and hindrances for women path to success, be it our students and/or employees. We have made special efforts in enrolment and retention of female students that has resulted in us achieving profound outcomes of our interventions. The number of female enrolment in Business, Engineering and Media Programmes have increased, which is directly contributing to our graduation rates.

Young Women Reaching Heights in Sports

Our dedicated Sports Programme encourages and engages female students in sports & recreational activities, through the programme, girls and young women are given female-only and mixed group access to sports facilities and coaches to provide training and further development opportunities for athletes. The outstanding performers were also provided scholarships, stipends and national & international opportunities.

Creating Sports Opportunities for Women at Every Level

Along with our focus on enhancing the capacity of our Female Athletes, with collaboration of the Government initiatives we have conducted numerous Sports Events & Competitions,

IU Netball Girl Team secured 3rd Position
Pakistan Netball Federation (PNF) Girls Netball Championship 2021-Karachi

HEC Intervarsity Judo (Women) Championship 2021
Prime Minister Kamyab Jawaan

HEC Intervarsity Swimming Women Championship 2021
Higher Education Commission

International Women’s Day 2021 & Mentoring Young Women

This day at Iqra University is all about celebrating the incredible achievements of women around the world. Here at IU, we are proud to empower and support women in their academic and career pursuits, hence we engaged inspiring and amazingly talented women professionals to mentor and develop IU young women.

Equal Opportunity Employer & Strengthening our Diverse Team everyday

Iqra University prides itself to be the equal opportunity employer and stand by its ethos to treat each & every human being with dignity and respect.We are consistently working towards building diverse and inclusive teams that leads us to success and sustainability.

Breast Cancer Awareness to encourage Early Detection

Every 24 hours 109 Pakistani women are dying due to breast cancer, having the highest number of Breast cancer cases in Asia, about 40,000 deaths and 90,000 new cases of breast cancer every year in the country. Although, timely diagnosis and proper treatment can increase survival chances of the patients by 90%, hence partnering with the Health Ministry, Iqra University has made Breast Cancer awareness as our top priority for women’s health & well-being.

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