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Goal 3
Good Health & Wellbeing

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for everyone.

Committed to the United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goal, Iqra University is making its mark by embedding SDGs within our governance, teaching, community initiatives, research and partnerships. Following programmes and events are led by IU Faculty, Staff and Students in the area of Goal 3: Good Health & Wellbeing.

Patients Treated
Medical Camps
FREE Health Capacity Building Trainings for Students & Community
FREE Basic Health Unit (BHU) Services provided by Young Medical Practitioners
Health specific Initiatives

Mental Health Support for Students

Students were provided 1 on 1 counselling
Students received Stress & Anxiety management Trainings
Sessions Stress & Anxiety management Trainings delivered

Health Services for Students & Staff

Iqra University offers comprehensive developmental services to both its students and staff, prioritising the overall well-being of individuals by recognizing and addressing their physical, mental, and emotional health needs. The university is dedicated to fostering a supportive environment that ensures the health and safety of its stakeholders, enabling them to thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

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Doing our Part in Community Health Awareness & Prevention

The one thing that CoronaVirus Outbreak has taught us is the desperate need for community health awareness and prevention; that could make a huge difference in controlling the spread of Epidemic, Endemic and Pandemic diseases. In order to educate, aware & engage communities about common, prevalent diseases and mis-conception around the treatments & immunisation, Iqra University has made it essential for students to be trained and practice within basic community health interventions.

Making our Communities Stronger & Healthier by Providing FREE Health Services

Under our dedicated Tertiary Care Hospital, named Hussain Lakhani Hospital, we have conducted community wide, free healthcare camps for the consultation and treatment of major preventable communicable, water borne, allergic and other related diseases.

Collaboration for Better Health & Well-Being Practices

Furthering our work in community health, we have partnered with hospitals and related community organisations to extend our free community healthcare services.

A Collaboration to strengthen Health Research & Capacity Building

A Collaboration to support health   interventions within Local Community

A Collaboration to raise awareness & strengthening students capacity

A Collaboration to keep our eye health in check

A Collaboration to promote Female Mental Health Practitioner in the field

Free Immunisation Drives against Communal Diseases

Extending Government initiative to vaccinate all citizens of Pakistan against COVID-19. We have conducted a year-long immunisation drive open to students, their families and communities in the surrounding area. During the activity, we have also raised awareness about the importance of vaccination, community health and wellness, and general wellness information.

Caring for Differently Abled

We have organised numerous clinical and educational trips to DAR-UL-SUKUN to elaborate the importance of treating people with different abilities and identifying the necessary skills for clinical history taking of such persons. The students were also informed about different physical therapy treatments and regimens provided at the facility.

Say NO to Drugs

Being one of the youngest countries in the world with shrinking resources & widely prevailed undiagnosed stress & depression. Drug Abuse has become a major community health crisis in metropolitan cities of Pakistan predominantly affecting youth (between 13 – 20 years). With the collaboration of Maalik Welfare Organization (NGO), the University’s students have conducted a campaign to raise awareness and educate youth about the hazard of Drug Abuse. The students have distributed informational flyers and have a door to door conversation with local communities.


The idea behind initiating counselling facilities for students was to make mental health a priority for the upcoming generation. Not just that, but also to make quality mental health support accessible to all. Our mental health support programmes caters to a broad range of Student Mental Health concerns, Counselling and Therapies Service.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Awareness & Practical Learning Session on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder at World Mental Health Day with Experts; Dr. Tahira, Assistant Professor - Bahria University Dr. Farah Iqbal, Professor & HoD - Criminology [...]

How to Deal With Test Anxiety

Exam Anxiety is most commonly faced by students in their everyday life however it may results in loss of grade and hinderance in preparing for exams. The regular series of workshop on [...]

Fitness is the new Black

We have conducted a full of Sweat & Heat training workshop with Pakistan leading, certified fitness trainer & consultant Wasif Muhammad for our students, staff and faculty members to help [...]

Blood Donation Drive

Iqra University, Gulshan Campus arranged a blood donation campaign in partnership with ‘Who is Hussain’ non-profit organization. Implementation: The main purpose of the blood drive campaign was to ensure and promote the healthy lifestyles, [...]

Free Eye testing campaign

The aim was to ensure the healthy lives of students and staff of the Iqra University. Implementation: Iqra University, Gulshan Campus conducted a LASIK DRIVE in collaboration with Hashmanis Group of Hospitals. This drive [...]

To raise awareness about the Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a major challenge that affects everysegment of the society. Therefore, our aim was to raise the awareness about the harmful use of drugs and promote healthy life. Implementation: With the collaboration [...]

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