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Sustainable Research Initiative for Environment & Ecosystem
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Sustainable Research Initiative for Environment & Ecosystem

Building on our commitment to become a fully sustainable university by 2040, we strive to formulate a dedicated research community focused around Environmental Sustainability and Ecosystem Rehabilitation.

With this initiative our overarching goal is to use high-calibre, high-impact research to comprehend and analyse the biological, physical, and social elements of environmental changes and its impact on our biosphere, as well as embedding technology to find solutions. Our research focuses on societal issues such as eradicating hunger, promoting health and wellbeing, providing access to clean water and sanitation, building sustainable cities and communities, and preserving life on land and in the ocean.

Along with Iqra University’s Centre of Research and Entrepreneurship (IU-CORE), we stand at the forefront of nurturing innovation and transformational initiatives in environmental research and social entrepreneurship. Similar to the pioneering spirit of, Sustainable Research Initiative for Environment & Ecosystem, serves as a catalyst for the convergence of visionary ideas and practical implementation. Here, a diverse community of students, researchers, faculty, and industry leaders come together, fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration and unlocking unprecedented potential for driving meaningful change. For those propelled by an entrepreneurial spirit, IU CORE is a Launchpad for innovative ventures aimed at environmental sustainability. Through tailored programs, mentorship, and cutting-edge incubation facilities, we support entrepreneurs throughout their journey from ideation to market launch. Our goal is to equip budding entrepreneurs with the skills, resources, and networks necessary to thrive in a competitive landscape while making a tangible difference in society.

Aims & Goals

  • To provide students access to highly collaborative, multidisciplinary, high-impact, and forward-looking research that meets the highest standards of international quality to support exceptional teaching, learning, training, experiences, and employability.
  • To promote innovative research possibilities, foster a collegial atmosphere of multidisciplinary cooperation and communication.
  • Develop your research capabilities in the broader fields of ecology, disease, and resilient environments.
  • Infrastructure, guidance, and education are provided to aid in and advance research.
  • Enhance the stature and reputation of Iqra University globally.

Aligned with our commitment to fostering innovation that addresses pressing challenges, we actively engage with industry partners, government bodies, and the local community. By co-creating impactful solutions, we contribute to addressing pressing environmental challenges and advancing Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. We firmly believe in the transformative power of innovation to drive positive change and contribute to the betterment of our world.

Advisory Board

Shahzad Shahid

Group CEO
TPS Worldwide

Syed Azfar Hussain

Project Director
National Incubation Center, Hyderabad

Mr. Aman Nasir

Co Partner

Ahmed Ayub

Chief Strategy Officer
Conrad Labs

Maliha Farooq Ismail

Secretary General
The American Business Council of Pakistan (ABCP)

Mubariz Siddiqui


Ch. Fahad Sikandar

Chief Executive Officer

Sahibzadi Mahin Khani

Founder & President
Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry Korangi
CEO – MK & Co Director
Winterland Pakistan

Mr. Khalid Rafiq

Managing Director
Essity Pakistan

The Team

Dr. Mansoor Ebrahim

Head of Department

Dr. Jamal Pirzada

Directorate of Advanced Studies and Research

Mr. Umair Ahmed Khan


Ongoing Projects

Smart Farming | Applying Modern Technologies to Agriculture

A team from the university’s Faculty of Engineering, Sciences, and Technology, integrated by Dr. Mansoor Ebrahim, Dr. Kamran Raza, and Dr. Hasan Adil, have formulated the ‘Smart Farming,’ a one-of-its-kind urban farming solution. The project’s primary goal is to create a test bed based on the hydroponics technique that integrates the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) and systems with artificial intelligence (AI) to create an effective, controlled, and autonomous environment for plant growth.

‘Smart Farming’ is a way of applying modern Web 5.0 technologies to agriculture. Hydroponics is one of the widely used methods, being a process of growing plants in soilless culture in nutrient-rich water. “Projects developed worldwide are either unable to focus on basic urban hydroponics farming infrastructure or too specific to focus on providing services of automation and monitoring. None of them has been a complete, scalable solution offering various hydroponics elements in one package,” Dr. Mansoor explained. Read more


The Agri-Fly is an AI & IoT-based, target-focused, user-friendly soil sensor & seeding farming drone to yield more & better-quality crops. Agrifly is unique and effective because of a one-click, web-based solution making it highly automated in functionality and multitasking. However, this doesn’t limit AgriFly but with simple navigation from your Phone or Laptop, the drone can perform multiple tasks, including,

  • Analysis of soil fertility & seeds for the best vegetation outcome
  • Identify the dedicated area for seeding the field
  • Constant analysis of atmospheric pressure & environmental factors such as early maturation.
  • Determine watering schedule and
  • Detecting diseases in plants and conducting appropriate & targeted pesticide spraying (to only affected plants).

Read more about the project

Newly Incubated Projects

Bint-e-Hawwa Organic

Bint-e-Hawwa Organic is on a mission to redefine hair care in Pakistan by offering premium organic products that nourish hair while promoting sustainability. Founded by Muhammad Anas Khan, Bint-e-Hawwa Organic addresses the urgent need for natural hair care solutions in Karachi. Our products are meticulously formulated to combat the adverse effects of local water conditions, pollution, and chemical-based products, providing a holistic approach to hair health.

Our Promise
We promise to empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty and prioritise the health of their hair and the environment. Our organic formulations offer effective solutions for hair issues exacerbated by water quality and pollution, contributing to a healthier, greener community.


Bint-e-Hawwa Organic’s commitment to sustainability ensures a positive impact beyond hair care, fostering a more environmentally conscious society. By revolutionising hair care practices, we aim to enhance confidence, promote wellness, and inspire a profound appreciation for natural beauty.

AWST (Automatic Waste Segregation Trash Can)

AWST is dedicated to revolutionizing waste management through innovative technology that simplifies recycling and promotes environmental stewardship.Founded by Zaid Bin Kashif and Sufiyan Khan, AWST aims to address the inefficiencies of waste management by introducing trash cans equipped with automatic segregation capabilities. Our goal is to streamline recycling processes, reduce pollution, and conserve valuable resources.

Our Promise
We promise to make recycling effortless and accessible to everyone by creating trash cans that automatically segregate different types of waste. With AWST, individuals can contribute to a cleaner, greener future with minimal effort.


AWST’s innovative technology has the potential to significantly reduce pollution, conserve resources, and improve recycling efficiency. By simplifying waste disposal and promoting responsible consumption habits, we strive to create a more sustainable environment for future generations.


Park-Ease is committed to revolutionizing urban mobility and enhancing the parking experience in Karachi through innovative technology solutions. Founded by a team of visionary individuals including Ammar Azmat Siddiqui, Abdullah Malik, Sameer Ali, Farhan Ahmed, and Sahil Sikander, Park-Ease addresses Karachi’s parking challenges with a user-friendly app that streamlines parking, reduces congestion, and promotes sustainability.

Our Promise
We promise to provide efficient parking solutions that enhance urban mobility, reduce congestion, and contribute to a vibrant local economy. With Park-Ease, finding parking becomes effortless, allowing residents and visitors to navigate the city with ease.


Park-Ease’s innovative technology transforms the urban experience by making parking more accessible and enjoyable. By reducing congestion and streamlining parking processes, we aim to create a more vibrant, livable city for all residents and visitors to enjoy.