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One step at a time

United Nations Sustainable Goal


The UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030, represents a blueprint for building a sustainable and better future for our future generations to everyone and especially our generations to come.

We as an institution hold enormous potential and responsibility both to play our part in achieving SDG Goals and pave our path towards progress and sustainability.

Being central to Pakistan’s economic, cultural and society; we aimed to Build Sustainable Pakistan by Taking One Step At a Time. Standing at the intersection of the century’s worst Climate Chaos and Socioeconomic Unrest – the country is facing numerous challenges including; unprecedented floods, rapid urban growth, heat waves and entrenched inequalities. With our dedicated initiatives and projects we are doing our part in tackling such challenges and with our specialized curriculum, we are developing a fraternity of future social leaders. Beyond the campus, our regional, national and international collaborative partnerships are also key to making a significant impact to reduce inequality and addressing issues like food and water security around the world. Social justice, inclusive education, addressing inequality, environmental stewardship and resilience – integral to our mission. 

Our commitment with SDG extends beyond teaching and research. We also contribute through our operations, governance, policy and practice, and through partnerships and engagement with our communities.

IU Sustainable Development Report 2021

The SDG Report outlines the majority of the University’s activities and initiatives that have contributed to the UN’s SDGs in 2021. This publication showcases who we are and our commitment to sustainability.

The Global Partnership For Sustainable Development


We know that students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Thus, we here at Iqra University provide an environment where we foster well-rounded, well-groomed individuals who are competent to take on challenges in life and meet them with success.

Hunaid Hussain Lakhani

Founding Chancellor

IU has been playing a pivotal role in the development of higher education sector of the country. I hope, and I pray that Iqra University upholds IU’s tradition of producing leaders for tomorrow, who go on to serve their nation in a befitting manner.

Prof. Dr. Wasim Qazi

Vice Chancellor