Project 15 : Quality Education

Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG 4) – Quality Education, our community engagement focused on enhancing educational opportunities for underprivileged children. Through a series of book reading sessions and a culminating book fair, we aimed to foster a love for learning and promote access to quality education in a lower-class school community.

Project Activities

  • Day 1: Book Reading Sessions

Introduced diverse age-appropriate books to children, encouraging interest in reading. Facilitated engaging discussions to foster critical thinking and garnered feedback through a small survey.

  • Day 2: Continued Book Reading

Continued book reading sessions with heightened enthusiasm among students. Prepared for the upcoming book fair by selecting books and planning activities.

  • Day 3: Reflections and Announcement

Students reflected on the importance of education and opportunities presented by learning. Announced the forthcoming book fair and associated activities, generating excitement.

  • Day 4: Book Fair

Conducted a vibrant book fair, allowing students to purchase their favorite books. Organized games and provided snacks, fostering deeper interaction with the children.

Pictures & Videos

Our project yielded substantial impacts, leaving a lasting impression on both the students and the broader community. Firstly, we observed a noticeable increase in students’ interest in learning, evidenced by their active participation and improved communication skills. Our interaction with the students also fostered personal growth, deepening our empathy and understanding of underprivileged communities. Additionally, the project promoted equitable access to education through the book fair, contributing to the advancement of SDG 4 and creating positive change within the community.