Project 8: No Poverty

In Karachi’s urban landscape, Bykea riders face the daunting challenge of high vehicle maintenance costs, exacerbating their financial struggles. Our project, “No Poverty,” aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 1, aims to alleviate this burden. Through partnerships with local businesses and skill-building workshops, we empower Bykea riders to overcome economic obstacles.

Project Activities

  • Understanding Needs:
  • Investigated the financial struggles of Bykea riders.
  • Identified high vehicle maintenance costs as a major concern.
  • Building Partnerships:
      • Teamed up with local mechanics and suppliers.
      • Negotiated affordable rates for repairs and spare parts.
  • Skill Workshops:
      • Conducted hands-on sessions for basic vehicle maintenance.
      • Covered topics like regular checks and minor fixes.
  • Financial Aid:
  • Provided financial support for essential repairs.
  • Secured discounts to ease the financial burden.
  1. Monitoring Progress:
  • Established a system to track riders’ economic stability.
  • Offering ongoing assistance and resources.


The “No Poverty” project has made a significant impact on the economic stability and livelihoods of Bykea riders, directly addressing the core objectives of SDG 1. By reducing repair costs and empowering riders with essential maintenance skills, we have enabled them to break free from the cycle of poverty and improve their quality of life. Moving forward, the lessons learned from this initiative will inform future interventions, emphasizing the importance of targeted support and community-centric approaches in poverty alleviation efforts.