Embarking on a journey to nurture sustainability consciousness among students and teachers/ faculty, Iqra University recently orchestrated an enlightening session titled “Sustainability Awareness and Perceptions in Pakistan.” Guided by the expertise of Ms. Farheen Zahoor, Head of Strategy, CSR, and Sustainability at Artistic Garment Industries (AGI), the event unfolded as a beacon of insight into the realm of sustainable business practices and initiatives within Pakistan.


Ms. Farheen Zahoor’s expertise offered a unique perspective on the intersection of sustainability and industry practices in Pakistan. She highlighted the ongoing efforts within the country to promote sustainable development, emphasizing the crucial role of awareness and education in driving meaningful change. One of the session’s focal points was the discussion on sustainability

challenges prevalent in Pakistan and elaborated on the complexities of balancing economic growth with environmental preservation, shedding light on the importance of adopting sustainable practices to mitigate adverse impacts on society and ecosystems. Furthermore, she addressed the imperative of raising awareness among students and the general public regarding sustainability issues. She underscored the need for collaborative efforts to tackle climate change and its ramifications, emphasizing the role of education in empowering individuals to become agents of change. Importantly, Ms. Farheen’s insights extended to the effects of climate change specific to Pakistan, illustrating the urgency of addressing environmental concerns within the local context. Through compelling examples and data, she highlighted the interconnectedness of sustainability, economic development, and societal well-being.


By organizing events like this, Iqra University continues to share sustainability education and awareness, equipping students and teachers with the knowledge and tools to address pressing environmental challenges. Through collective action and informed decision-making, the university strives to cultivate a culture of sustainability that transcends borders and fosters a brighter, more resilient future for Pakistan and beyond.