Iqra University hosted a valuable seminar centered around the theme of Research Ethics. The distinguished guest speaker for the occasion was Prof. Dr. Shams Hamid, (Dean, Faculty of Art, Fashion, Education, and Social Studies), emphasized the critical significance of upholding research ethics in all types of research endeavors. The seminar served as an essential platform to shed light on the ethical principles that should guide researchers throughout their studies. Dr. Hamid’s insights and expertise resonated with the audience, as he underscored the responsibility that every researcher carries to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the knowledge they contribute through their research.

By strictly adhering to research ethics, researchers can maintain the integrity of their work and the credibility of their findings. Ethical guidelines help protect the rights and well-being of research participants, ensuring that their informed consent is obtained, and any potential risks are minimized or addressed appropriately. Furthermore, the seminar likely delved into topics such as plagiarism, data falsification, and the importance of transparency in reporting research findings. Understanding and abiding by such ethical principles are essential for building trust within the academic and scientific communities. Through this enlightening seminar, Iqra University demonstrated its commitment to promoting a research culture that values ethical conduct and responsible practices. By empowering researchers with knowledge and awareness of research ethics, the university aims to foster a research community that contributes positively to the advancement of knowledge and societal well-being.