Project 2: Sea you litter
Project theme: Beach cleaning

“Sea you Litter” is a student-led initiative focused on beach cleaning in Karachi, Pakistan. With a clear mission to combat beach pollution, the project combines cleanup efforts, community engagement, and educational seminars to raise awareness about marine conservation.

Project Activities

  1. Beach Cleaning Operation:
    • Cleaned 200 meters of beach area, surpassing initial goals.
    • Raised awareness among the public and engaged with local stall owners.
  2. Infrastructure Improvement:
    • Provided dustbins to local businesses and installed one on the beach.
    • Collaborated with the City Council to address the issue effectively.
  3. Educational Seminars:
    • Conducted seminars in schools, reaching 300 students, to educate about marine pollution.
  4. Social Media Campaign:
    • Achieved 85.6% follower increase on Instagram.
    • Shared diverse content including PSA posters, articles, quizzes, and videos.

Pictures & Videos


“Sea you Litter” demonstrates proactive efforts in beach cleaning and environmental education. Through community engagement and strategic partnerships, the project aims to instill a sense of responsibility towards marine conservation among citizens of Karachi.