At the Department of Pharmacy, Iqra University, Islamabad Campus, a profound session titled “Reviving Sunnah” recently took center stage, orchestrated by Dr. Sohaib Zafar Malik. Dr. Malik’s discourse highlighted the vital link between implementing Sunnah and professional development. This enlightening discussion resonated deeply with both faculty and students, emphasizing the importance of ethical values such as honesty, respect, fairness, and equal treatment. The event transcended mere lectures, fostering interactive dialogue between attendees. Through a spirited question and answer session, participants had the opportunity to explore practical applications of Sunnah in their daily lives, enriching their understanding of ethical conduct. 

In essence, the “Reviving Sunnah” session served as a powerful reminder of the timeless wisdom encapsulated in the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). By embracing these ethical values, faculty and students alike are equipped to navigate the complexities of contemporary challenges while upholding integrity, compassion, and fairness. As we reflect on this event, let us remain committed to integrating Sunnah into our professional and personal lives, striving to embody its principles in all our endeavors. Through collective efforts, may we cultivate a culture of ethical conduct, ensuring that the spirit of the Sunnah remains vibrant within our academic community and beyond.