Project 3: Grow Green (Who Plants a tree, Plants a hope)

“Grow Green” is a student-driven project rooted in the belief that every tree planted represents a seed of hope for a brighter future. With a focus on tree planting, cleanliness drives, and climate change awareness, this initiative aims to nurture a greener environment while inspiring community involvement and environmental responsibility. Headed by a passionate group of students, the project strives to sow the seeds of change and cultivate a sustainable future for all.

Project Activities

  1. Cleaning Drive and Plantation at EidGah Ground:
    • Conducted a comprehensive cleaning drive at EidGah ground to prepare for the plantation initiative.
    • Planted 45 diverse plant species, fostering biodiversity and ecological resilience.
  2. Climate Change Awareness Campaigns at Schools:
    • Delivered awareness sessions on climate change, the significance of tree planting, and the importance of recycling at Jinnah Public School and KBV CAA Model School – 3.
    • Reached a total of 92 students, educating them about environmental conservation and sustainability practices.
  3. Social Media Engagement:
    • Utilized Facebook and Instagram platforms to disseminate educational content and engage with the community.
    • Reached over 8,000 individuals on Facebook through videos and posts, while also connecting with approximately 1,000 people on Instagram.



“Grow Green” exemplifies the power of collective action and grassroots initiatives in promoting environmental sustainability. Through their efforts in cleaning, planting, and awareness campaigns, the project has successfully mobilized communities and educated the younger generation about the importance of environmental stewardship. With a strong online presence and tangible on-ground activities, the project has not only met its goals but also laid the groundwork for a more eco-conscious and resilient future.