Project 10: Good Health and Well-being

In collaboration with various groups, our project focused on promoting Good Health and Well-being as outlined in Sustainable Development Goal 3. Through a range of initiatives, we aimed to address health-related challenges and enhance the overall well-being of individuals in our community.

Project Activities

  • Medical Camp & Blood Drive:

Provided free check-ups and medicines for diabetic patients, while collecting blood donations for thalassemia patients.

  • Support for Special Children:

Conducted reading sessions and hygiene awareness activities for special children, fostering social connections and well-being.

  • Engagement & Social Skills:

Organized recreational and sports activities, social skills sessions, and tree planting events to promote physical and mental health.

  • Wheelchair Donation:

Provided a wheelchair to Hadiya Shareef, enhancing mobility and well-being for individuals with disabilities.

  • Blood Donation & Plantation:

Held blood drives at hospitals and planted trees to contribute to environmental sustainability.



The project led to improved health access through medical camps and blood donation drives, fostering community engagement and raising awareness about health issues. Activities for special children and individuals with disabilities enhanced social connections, while plantation drives contributed to environmental sustainability. This initiative highlighted the importance of collaboration, empathy, and community involvement in promoting Good Health and Well-being, emphasizing inclusivity and addressing health disparities.