Project 6: Education Revolution “تعلیم کی راہ میں ترقی کا سفر”

The “Education Revolution” project is a concerted effort aimed at driving positive change in the education sector, particularly focusing on enhancing access to quality education in underprivileged communities. Aligned with Sustainable Development Goal 4, our initiative centers on Roshni Public School, located in an economically disadvantaged area. By revitalizing the school’s educational infrastructure, starting with the library, we aspire to create an environment conducive to learning and academic growth.

Project Activities

  • Needs Assessment:

Conducted a thorough assessment of Roshni Public School’s educational infrastructure to identify areas for improvement.

  • Library Renewal:

Procured 14 chairs and over 50 books to enhance the learning environment by upgrading the school’s library facilities.

  • Community Collaboration:

Organized meetings with school staff and community members to discuss project objectives and garner support for sustainable improvements.

  • Awareness Sessions:

Conducted sessions within the school community to raise awareness about the significance of quality education and Sustainable Development Goal 4.

  • Knowledge Sharing Platform:

Established an online platform to share project updates, resources, and experiences with other educational institutions, fostering collaboration towards SDG 4.


The “Education Revolution” project has had a profound impact on Roshni Public School and the broader community. By revitalizing educational infrastructure and fostering collaboration, we have taken significant strides towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4. The enhanced learning environment, increased community engagement, and establishment of a knowledge-sharing platform underscore our commitment to driving positive change in education. Through collective efforts and dedication, we have laid the foundation for a brighter future, where quality education is accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic barriers.