Project 5: Clean Water and Sanitation

“Mission Pure Aqua” is a project dedicated to addressing water sanitation issues in Karachi, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 6. The project focuses on installing a water dispenser at a government girls’ school to ensure access to clean water and raise awareness about sanitation.

Project Activities

  1. Phase 01 (29-12-23):

Conducted site analysis and procured necessary equipment, including water filter and repair parts.

  1. Phase 02 (03-01-24):

Initiated social media outreach to raise awareness and began installation work at the school with the assistance of a plumber.

  1. Phase 03 (08-01-24):

Completed installation of the water filter and repaired the water cooler, ensuring functionality.

  1. Phase 04 (14-01-24):

Posted SDG-related posters around the school premises, briefed the school staff about the project, and conducted a session to educate students on water conservation practices.


“Mission Pure Aqua” has revolutionized the school community by providing consistent access to clean water, leading to improved health and reduced absenteeism among students. Through effective outreach via social media campaigns and educational sessions, the project has raised awareness about sanitation practices, paving the way for a future where clean water is universally accessible and sustainable practices are adopted by all.