Iqra University organized an awareness seminar on Anti Gender Harassment. The honorable speakers of the seminar included Ms. Ambreen Thompson, CEO SINA Healthcare Trust, Rida Lodhi -Country Manager-ARY, Saima Zafar -Director Telenor Microfinance Bank, Rimsha Khalid -Manager IMCM & Digital Activation, Zahra Mubeen -HR lead- The Collective, and Hafsa Asad -Mountain Girl.

The speakers at the event highlighted the crucial importance of ensuring safety and security for women in both workspaces and university environments. They brought attention to some harrowing incidents that women have faced at their workplaces, underscoring the need to address this serious issue. Even the slightest neglect or lack of appropriate measures can lead to devastating consequences. Therefore, it is imperative to establish comprehensive policies and provisions that enable women to feel protected and secure in their workplaces. During the event, the speakers likely delved into the various challenges and risks that women employees encounter in their professional lives. These may include instances of harassment, discrimination, or even more severe forms of mistreatment. By sharing real-life examples, the speakers aimed to raise awareness about the urgent need for creating safer spaces for women to thrive in their careers.

To foster a supportive work environment, the speakers likely discussed the significance of implementing well-defined policies and procedures. These policies may encompass guidelines for reporting incidents, anonymous channels for complaints, and a zero-tolerance approach towards any form of harassment or discrimination. Such measures are vital for providing women with the confidence that their concerns will be taken seriously and addressed promptly. Moreover, the seminar likely emphasized the role of universities in contributing to a culture of safety and security. Campuses should prioritize the safety of female students and staff by establishing clear protocols for handling any untoward incidents and providing resources for support and counseling. By shedding light on these issues and advocating for proactive measures, the speakers and the event aimed to foster a workplace and university environment where women feel valued, respected, and protected. This concerted effort can bring about positive changes, ensuring that every individual, regardless of gender, can pursue their ambitions without fear or hindrance.